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When things be bad at work, in the team or in life, what can you do?

This may be due to

  • poor match between personality and job
  • low understanding of each other's personalities in the team
  • low understanding of the life partner's personality

Via our HumanGuide concept, you can increase your own and others' self-awareness, so that things no longer hurt. We say you then have a high Passionindex...

I myself prove that the HumanGuide® concept, from 1986, work. My choice is not to be retired but to be a passionaire... You should have a personal interest all your life, which gives your life meaning. This is supported by happiness research. I am now 77 years old (2023), i.e. Rolf 7.7. I am not the one approving the updates. My sincere sons decide;-)

For our success, Rolf Kenmo (Founder & Passionaire)

Rolf Kenmo

The core of the HumanGuide in 56 sec...

If you enjoy going to work almost every day, you have a high Passionindex, which means a good match between your personality and your job - and the culture! In addition, you have a good understanding of your colleagues and thus a good basis for collaboration.

Read about our method for getting a high Passionindex here...

For Teams

For a team to be inspiring, there must be trust and respect...

Isn't it great in such teams! You trust and help each other. Everyone does mostly what they are best at. Others complement each other. You can be proud of what you achieve. You are also proud of your team's results and how you work together. Last but not least - you laugh and have fun together;-)

We can contribute by having everyone take our personality test. Then everyone gets a clear idea of each other. Clearer than other tests, because our test is based on a theory with eight basic dimensions. You know each other's strengths and “unneeds”, i.e. what others call shortcomings. Because we don't believe in fertilising weeds! Qualities are neutral. What matters is how they are used. The positive should be strengthened!

For Leaders

A common piece of advice is to be yourself, but how are you? Everyone adapts more or less to their surroundings... Sometimes even too much. Especially those with low self-esteem. This can lead to losing yourself.

This is why you should find out what you are like 'inside'. You can do this by taking our test. You can also ask others to give you, their views. This will help you get a clearer picture of yourself. You get a kind of guide - a clearer 'brand'. It also contributes to increased trust, as you become more predictable. This also simplifies your leadership. You can lead in your own way.

For Individuals

Have you disliked any job? Why was that?

It is not always possible to put a clear finger on what it is that makes you dislike your job. There is also the risk that you don't know if there is a job that you would enjoy even more?

By taking our personality test, you will find it much easier to realise what is a suitable job for you. Where you can really use your strengths. You realise what tasks you should avoid... We have an online app where you can test different options, so you significantly reduce the risk of making an inappropriate decision.

For Companies & Orgs.

Steve Jobs, who founded Apple, said this: "The first 10 people you hire determine whether a company succeeds or fails”. Unfortunately, many people fail when recruiting. Then you actually hire a problem creator. Not good!

That's why it's good to use our personality test both to describe what it takes to be successful for a particular job and to choose who is a good fit for the job. This can significantly reduce the risk of a wrong recruitment.

With our test, you can also describe the culture, so that it is easier to develop and nurture an empowering culture. This means you can have a more consistent brand, which will attract the right customers, because consistency creates better trust.

For Private life

Today, many people are single. There are those who choose it for life, but there are those who would like to have a good life partner....

How do you find a partner that you really like? It's not easy. And it's hard to make mistakes, so you're afraid to try again. This is probably the reason why there are so many singles...

So what can we offer? Well, by taking our personality test, which is based on an eight-dimensional theory. This allows you to get a clearer picture of the right personality for a suitable partner. You get a description! This makes it easier to choose with fewer mistakes. It is also easier to work together when you understand each other better.

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