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Free knowledge...

Here it is an opportunity to download free knowledge. It is free to do that for personal use. Professional use is only allowed for authorized users of the HumanGuide®-concepts.

It offers the possibility to download different kinds of knowledge. It can be used freely by anyone for personal use. Professional use is only allowed for authorized users of the HumanGuide®-concepts.

We have much more information on our website than most of our competitors, because we want to share what we have gathered over many years and we know that everything we present works well for its purpose. At the same time, we want to give our opinion, so you know, for example, if there is a good prognosis for interacting with us.

You can also find useful information in our blog articles, which are divided in the same way as our service areas, but we start with the private, i.e.
- Private, where you will find articles related to private life, such as life partners and family.
- Individual, where the articles relate to working life
- Leaders, which deals with the leadership role
- Team, i.e. when you work with others
- Company & Organisation 

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Note also that there is a good search function...

Our vision for the website is that it will be like a goldmine of basic and crucial knowledge in the field of HR, making it an excellent humanguide;-).

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