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For Leaders

Here you have documents for downloading. They support development of leaders based on use of the HumanGuide-concepts.

However, at first I (Rolf Kenmo) like to add an experience from many years ago. I participated in a leadership seminar in Brussels. For the first time I should listen to the business guru Peter Drucker from USA. The seminar started with an interview of a consultant 70+, who had worked with leadership training in the most of his jobs. He got the question: “Do you have any advices from that experience?” He answered: Good leaders

  • Strive to find the truth – no matter what people are saying or what is said in media
  • Don’t have plumbers as role models. Hmmm? This means that they care more about the content in the tubes, than how the tubes are arranged. Well, of course it matters to some extent, but the main priority should be the content!

If you like in an easy way to check others opinion on your leadership - use this simple questionnaire. It consists of typical complaints for leaders...

Here you find a summary of Jim Collins' research on successful leadership so-called Level5 Leadership, based on his bestseller Good to Great. The paper summarizes ”the red thread” in his research, i.e. about his four books including the latest (2011) Great by Choice.

Here you have a video interview of Rolf Kenmo by Bart Jenezon at 1nspiring in the Netherlands. The interview (2022) is about Level5 Leadersip and be successful as an entrepreneur. Bart offers a simple and powerful concept for startup and scaleup small businesses. Look here. There are many such concepts. He stands out with Simplicity, which is one of the values we have in common;-)

Why some entrepreneurs fail and other are successful?

At first about our learning papers… The name  comes from the idea with so-called white papers. However, they should be written in a scientific style, but in our version the layman should like to read and also understand;-)

Here we have the following learning paper for downloading Why some entrepreneurs fail and other are successful? (13 pages). Entrepreneurs are often seen as difficult people. That is also the name of a book by Anders Johnson. The book describes 400 years of entrepreneurship in Sweden. There is a lot to learn. It also brings up how the politicians have acted during the years – what has been allowed and what hasn’t been allowed. Therefore, I wrote a paper, where I connect the entrepreneurship to the HumanGuide concept and Jim Collins’ Level5 Leadership.


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