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The HumanGuide Concept for Individuals

Individual A

The picture shows the sambodrome in Rio de Janeiro. It is carnival time. People are really happy. Enjoy life.  In this case it also shows that in a samba school you should be good at cooperating with other people for its common goal.

At the same time it is smart to find your way in life, where it is to your advantage, e.g. a suitable job. 

A strong argument for HumanGuide is that the underlying personality theory consists of eight basic dimensions. Then you get a more nuanced testresult and sharper analysis. Compare with MBTI, where you only “be” one of 16 types. The popular DISC-model (and similar) has only four basic dimensions. And the Five factor model has only five basic dimensions...

Are you happy with your life or can it be improved? Is your PassionIndex high?

Many people agree that they probably can be happy more often, but how to fix that? At first you need to make good decisions concerning these important questions in your life

  • what job area or job will you like very much?
  • in what company or organisation plus geographic area will I get a happy life?
  • what life partner could give me a happy life?

The crucial knowledge here is self-knowledge. If you know your most important drives in your personality, then you know where you have strong motivation to do certain tasks and why you dislike others. By focusing on your strengths, then you can be a talent in that area, because no one isn’t born with talent – except for biological components e.g. being tall and similar. Therefore it is important that you get a clear self-knowledge about your drives (=strengths). As early as possible, so you take good life decisions already when you are young. It is a pity that most young people don’t understand that, so they make instead their choices copying friends, parents, etc or e.g. go for jobs where you get a high wage or status – but they fit them bad. The parents have normally more experience and then better insights, but they have a lack of good tools to help their children to make good life decisions. Sometimes their relation isn’t so good for being a good coach…

I have here many strong own experiences from my job e.g. one teacher used the HumanGuide test to set up good teams, when the students should train to run a business. Before she used the test the students set up “cloned” teams – all team members were similar, so there wasn’t many dynamics in the team. Instead they gain more on security (very few surprises by “copies”) and easy to cooperate, because it was very easy to understand the other members behaviours.

When the teacher gave the students the test results in the classroom,  then it became chaotic. The teacher lost the control, so in her opinion it was her worst situation as a teacher... However, the students’ opinion was that this day in school was the best in my life! Why? They could understand themselves much better. Moreover, they also understood their classmates better. They got a clear and easy-to-use “quality language”.

Another similar experience was when I met a user of the HumanGuide concepts in Brazil. She had read my book Let the Personality Bloom. I asked then for feedback...

  • I love the book, she said.
  • Why? I wondered.
  • My son should apply for an MBA education and should write about himself. He said: I can’t do that. Then I gave him the book. After some time he said to me: The book gave me very good insights about myself, so now I have no problems to describe who I am. Very useful insights!

What happens when someone has a lack of self-knowledge? One example was a nuclear engineer. She studied many years to get such a job, but after a while she realised that she disliked the job. After she had done the HumanGuide test, then she said

  • I have done many personality tests. This test was the first that explained to me, why I disliked my job

The main reason was that she had a high value on the dimension Imagination (being creative) in the test. That strength she couldn’t use so much in her job. Now her life is much better – as an entrepreneur, where her creativity is needed and can flourish.

How can increased self-knowledge improve your life? In many ways e.g.

  • to choose a job, which gives you a high passionindex between your personality and your job (tasks) or your culture – they fit well together. This also includes to choose a relevant education…
  • to make it easier to be successful, when you search for a new job
  • to understand when you exaggerate your strongest strength and how you can handle that
  • to understand better what methods suit best for your personality and why

or when dealing with other people, then you can

  • improve your cooperation with them
  • improve your working in teams
  • better understand what characterizes people, who is complementary to you
  • better choose a well suitable coach for you
  • better figure out what type of company/organisation or country culture, which suits you best

Personal development with support of the HumanGuide concept can be useful for everyone – both leaders and employees – and students... All applications start with doing a HumanGuide PersonProfile via the internet, which takes about 15 minutes. To that you can add to fine-tune the test result via an authorized "humanguide”, which takes about 45 min depending on the objective and conditions. Mostly this is done in the start of a coaching program, i.e. it leads to a more effective coaching – more "accurate" and more accomplished in a shorter time. There are many versions of coaching programs depending on the objectives and conditions. If you are interested, then contact an authorized ”humanguide” or us at Humankonsult AB – look in the bottom of this page.

The advantage with doing a PersonProfile is that the coaching will be more efficient. Because, partly the coach gets faster understanding of the development needs and partly the coach can be more "on the spot" in his or her coaching, i.e. one advice doesn't work always for all people, because people are different!

You can buy a PersonProfile in different formats in our eShop – here.

And how do you take care of your personal trademark? Does it become by happening or you built up your personal trademark (“personmark”) in a conscious way? Do you know how to get charisma? Well, you do that by acting consistently based on your core values and core personality. With the HumanGuide concept can you discover your core personality and partly too your core values – both better and faster compared to other ways.

Another alternative for personal development is that you participate in a program, where the HumanGuide concept is a module. Our basic module can be done in about two hours. Then you

  • learn the personality theory Eight boxes, which is the core of the HumanGuide concept
  • increase your self-knowledge based on the Eight boxes, which facilitates own personal development
  • be better to coaching other people and support other to figure out the best life direction
  • be better to cooperate with other people – especially those who differ mostly from your personality
  • be better to understand personal conflicts and understand how they can be handled

How can increased personality knowledge support a good personal development? In many ways e.g.

  • to choose a job, which gives a high passionindex between the personality and the job (tasks) or the culture. This also include to choose relevant education…
  • to make it easier to be successful, when you go for a new job
  • to understand when I exaggerate my strongest strength and how to handle that
  • to understand better what methods suit best for your personality and why

or when dealing with other people, then you can

  • improve to cooperate with them 
  • improve working in teams
  • better understand what characterizes people, who is complementary to you
  • better choose a well suitable coach for you
  • better figure out what type of company or country culture suits you best 

Hypnotherapy & HumanGuide - a new service (from June 2023)

What does the service involve? Well, Rolf, since the launch of the HumanGuide concept in 1986, has reviewed the results of the personality test with about 5,000 people in Sweden. We have fine-tuned the results during a personal meeting. During these years, certain patterns have emerged in the results - stronger and stronger, for example that those who have a low value on the factor Structure, some have had a father who has had excessive control needs. Structure is one of the eight factors in personality theory, which is at the core of the HumanGuide concept. In these cases, the father's behaviour has made the child "hate" Structure, which often leads to the child becoming creative. But unfortunately, even this hatred of Structure leads to problems, e.g. you can become very unrealistic, you take on too much and run into the wall, you have difficulty being understood by others, etc.

mats gaffa webben june 2023 600x400

Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get rid of these kinds of problems. It would be great if people could learn to use Structure in the right dose when it is relevant. I have discussed my experiences with psychologists, but no one has accepted my approach, e.g. they do not believe that I have anything to contribute, as I am not an established authority in the field. Recently, I have met the hypnotherapist Mats "Gaffa" Karlsson, who thought I had interesting thoughts ...

He has made his own journey to deal with a major problem he had. Mats is a musician and music teacher. His main instrument is the guitar. He was worried that he was biting his nails. It was not a good combination with a guitar. So he went to many psychologists and therapists, but no one could help him. Finally, he tried hypnotherapy. He was surprised to discover after a few weeks that he had stopped biting his nails - "That's great," he said. - "I want to learn this so I can help other people like I was helped. Now he works as a music teacher and musician for 60% of his time. The rest of the time he is a hypnotherapist.

What we have come up with is a combo service - see here, which is based on having done the HumanGuide test. When it indicates any of the detected patterns, the authorised user of the HumanGuide concepts can investigate whether hypnotherapy may be relevant. If so and the client is interested, the client is "referred" to Mats, who then gets a great advantage from knowing the test result. This makes his therapy both better and faster. We have now tested the arrangement and that client was satisfied with the result. Initially, we will now launch this arrangement on a small scale, so we can fine-tune the methodology and also gather evidence.

You can read more about our combo service on this fact sheet. And read more about Mats on his website here.


 The overall result of applying the HumanGuide concept is that you get an increased self-knowledge and thus a good personal development. In addition, you get better and better both at work and in life;-)

Other services...

Please also note that in the other service areas there may be services, which may be relevant, as they partly merge, e.g. team development always involves individual and leadership development. In addition, most of the human development can be applied in private life.

Did you get any useful idea? Will you act?


”Rolf Kenmo has adapted Szondi’s theory to everyday life. It is a great idea of conveying the theory to a broad use. That is an essential asset for making the test results immediately accepted and it works in any culture. We use HumanGuide in recruiting and team development for an internationally operating company.”

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Switzerland (2003)

"The theory is explained very pedagogically in the HumanGuide concepts and it is a good support for my clients (since 2002), in vocational guidance and in coaching. HumanGuide supports well in working life as well as in private life.”

Giselle Welter, psychologist, spec. in vocational guidance, RH99, Sao Paulo, Brazil  (2000)

"Personality has always been a debatable topic throughout research and countless psychometric tests available for use. However none of these tests have the HumanGuide approach, which is practical, simple, easy to use and accurate to act upon. Supported by extensive research, HumanGuide takes in consideration eight factors, using the psychology of colours and symbols for meaningful comprehension.

The HumanGuide test does not stand alone, it goes beyond any other test. 

It provides unique opportunities to measure further person chemistry, passion index, job and culture profiles...It has all what an organisation needs to overcome today's more than ever complex human resources challenges.HumanGuide has considerably improved my personal and professional life and I always appreciate our collaboration with Rolf Kenmo."

George Ubbelohde, hospitatlity Industry Executive and Educator, Brussels, Belgium (2020)

"The tests are simple and easy to use. The availability via the internet make them excellent. I have had great use of the concepts for recruitment, development of individuals and teams.”

Sven-Erik Ringström; VD WM-data IT Support AB, now CGI AB, Sweden;  (2003)

"I've been using the HumanGuide since 2012, with excellent results! It has been an assessment tool much requested by my organizational clients.

"Adriana Torres Guedes, Psychologist, Brazil (2020-02-10)

"I hire probably the wrong yellow people". A manager used DISC's four dimensions. DISC's yellow dimension is represented by three dimensions with the HumanGuide. The colurs in HumanGuide are: Orange, grey, green, violett, blue, yellow, brown and red, i.e. Then the test result will be much more nuanced. Above on this page there is a video with the symbolics for the eight colours.

Manager for a restaurant chain, Sweden (2018-03-02)

"For eight years I had  a personal meeting about my PersonProfile á la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests cince then, but my opinion about this "method" is that it was fascinating and the most accurate. The PersonProfile is still pinned up at work."

IT manager, Sweden (2018-04-19)

"As a consultant I have done many personality tests. The results made me feel confirmed, but I didn't get any answer: Why I didn't was happy to 100%? This autumn I did the HumanGuide-test, which only took 15 min to do. It explained for me, where I had most motivation and because of then easiest to be my best version. So now I know!"

Nuclear engineer, Sweden (2018-03-27)

”Rolf's coaching clearly gave me more self-knowledge and it was valuable to get it confirmed. The idea of having a life vision was very good – now it is easier to be on track and also to say no. Many smart tips. Last, but not least, good to have to report to someone about my progress, i.e. actions was done.)” 

Entrepreneur, Sweden (2015-03-26)

"The tip about relaxation was on the spot! The background to the tip was that I had the opinion that it was difficult to be outside my comfort zone, when I was under change. I contacted then Rolf Kenmo, who in connection to leadership development had gone through a personality test with me. I asked, if he could be a coach for me. This led to an email dialogue, which gave me the relaxation tip, when he had looked at my testresult..

I took his advice. Today is relaxation a natural part of my everyday life. This leads to a clearer opinion about my own answers and ideas, which I dare to follow;-) It works well. I have also read Rolf’s book “Let the Personality Bloom”. Rolf’s tips and ideas have been very valuable for me.”

M, Sweden (2015-03-26)

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