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Authorized for HumanGuide Advanced

 In Sweden there are currently the external consultants below, who are authorised for Advanced. Being so, they are also authorised for HumanGuide Cards and Basic.

  • Anders Skogsmo, Kundskap AB 
  • Anette Olheim,Stockholm, Olheim Konsult AB
  • Anne-lee Mellström, Stockholm, (hennes konsultprofil á la HumanGuide)
  • Ann-Louise Skoglund, Falun/Stockholm, Ann-Louise Skoglund AB
  • Betsi Vivanco Goldberg, Be yourself
  • Christian Svedenkrans, Stockholm
  • Helén Carlson, Stockholm, Ledarskap och Organisation AB
  • Henrik Axelsson, Kungsbacka
  • Henrik Olsson, Västerås, WIRECA AB
  • Johanna Sellin, Sundsvall
  • Kerstin Ljungström, Stockholm, KLUAB
  • Laila Araya, Stockholm, MedlingsCentrum
  • Maj-Britt Gustafsson Wallin, Stockholm, Embege Consulting AB
  • Marcus Kling, Stockholm
  • Mariola Gummesson, Stockholm, Marhacon HB 
  • Peter Hogla, TopWork, Växjö, Kalmar och Stockholm
  • Ylva Stockelberg, Simrishamn

Authorised for HumanGuide Advanced also means for Basic and that you have a deeper knowledge of the underlying personality theory and that you can use one or more of the HumanGuide concept e.g. for individual development, leadership development, team building and development, coaching, recruitment/staffing, development and care of brand/corporate culture. You can also use the  HG IT system.


HUMANKONSULT AB, Örnbergsvägen 19, SE-146 40 Tullinge, SWEDEN | Phone: +46 70 767 2827 | E-mail: