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Ambassadors for the HumanGuide concept

In Sweden there are currently the following ambassadors for the HumanGuide concept. You are an ambassador if you have benefited greatly from the HumanGuide concept in your business or in your life... Ambassadors are also kept up to date with concept news.

All types of use

"The tests are simple and easy to use. Their availability over the internet makes them superb. I have benefited greatly from the concepts for recruitment, individual and team development."

Sven-Erik Ringström, VD WM-data IT Support AB, Sverige (now CGI AB) (2001-03-21)

”Rolf Kenmo has adapted Szondi’s theory to every day’s life. It is a great idea of conveying the theory to a broad use. That is an essential asset for making the test results immediately accepted and it works in any culture. We use HumanGuide in recruiting and team development for an internationally operating company.”

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Schweiz (to 2022-12-31, now in the board. He works now at BLR partners as an advisor and investor)

”The theory is explained very pedagogically in the HumanGuide concepts and it is a good support for my clients (since -02), in vocational guidance and in coaching. HumanGuide supports well in working life as well as in private life.”

Giselle Welter, psychologist (PhD), spec. in vocational guidance, GW Consultoria, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2009-05-25)

"I work for a Human Resources consulting firm in Brazil using the methodology created by Rolf Kenmo, the creator of the HumanGuide concepts. I have very successfully applied over 2700 HumanGuide tests for over 200 companies. This impresses the accuracy and simplicity of the method. As a psychologist, I consider that Rolf's greatest achievement was to convert a complex theory of psychoanalysis, which deals with sensitive issues related to the unconscious, to an intuitive system based on colors, charts and icons. This model perfectly meets corporate demand for agility, time and cost in assessments for hiring and professional development."

On Linkedin by Ricardo Barbosa, Talent Group, Brasilien 2015-11-04 

Another ambassador is Nathalie Aldana, Stockholm & Colombia, (her consultancy profile à la HumanGuide), but she focuses since a few years on her delicacies based on fruits from farmers in Colombia


"We got much better staffing of our UF teams... At the beginning of the academic year we had training by Rolf Kenmo in the HumanGuide personality test. After the training, the students took the personality test. Then they had to staff teams based on traits and personality instead of gender. This made the teams more mixed with girls and boys. In addition, many chose to work with new people instead of their best friends. When assigning roles in the UF company, students based their decisions on who had the best characteristics and skills - instead of gender."

Henrik Samuelsson, Lärare i UF och företagsekonomi, JENSEN gymnasium Södra*), Sverige 

*) The school became Sweden's best UF school 2014

"The HumanGuide concepts proved invaluable in providing key insights to all team members. They provided the basis for making some difficult decisions."

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Schweiz (to 2022-12-31, now in the board. He works now at BLR partners as an advisor and investor)

"Rolf Kenmo helped us in a relaxed and educational way to get started with the work of understanding each other as individuals. The aim was to further improve cooperation within our team. Rolf's efforts were appreciated by the participants and created a positive foundation to build on."

Eva Kimber, Svensk Exportkredit

"Our delivery is a functional commitment with significant management responsibility, so it was important that HumanGuide's Team Chemistry Analysis gave the management team not only individual understanding of strengths and risks, but also knowledge of the chemistry of the whole team. The overall strength of the management team is critical to our ability to deliver at least on contract."

Leif Öjestedt, WM-data, Sverige (nu CGI AB)

Leaders and individuals

"Leadership and recruiting the right people to entrepreneurial companies is often crucial to their success and ability to thrive. We conducted the seminar "How to optimise leadership in Entrepreneurial companies" with Rolf Kenmo as a speaker to our business angels and entrepreneurial companies. Rolf's unique experience from both the business side, education and research provided a good breadth. In addition, valuable knowledge and several concrete pieces of advice. Rolf has the ability to both highlight common challenges and see the situation of both investor and entrepreneur, which makes both his material and presentations very useful."

Mikael Ramnö, Keiretsu forum Nordics, Sverige  

"The tip on relaxation was spot on! The background to the tip was that I found it difficult to be out of my comfort zone when I was exposed to change. I then contacted Rolf Kenmo, who had gone through a personality test with me in the context of leadership development. I wondered if he could coach me. This led to an email dialogue, including the tip from Rolf, after he had looked at my test results.

"I took his advice. Today, relaxation is a natural part of my everyday life. I become clearer about my own answers and ideas, which I also dare to follow;-) It works well. I have also read Rolf's book "Let your personality bloom". Rolf's tips and ideas have been very valuable to me."

 M, Sverige  

"Rolf's coaching gave me a clearer self-awareness and it was valuable to have it confirmed. The life vision approach was very good - now it's easier to stay on track and to say no. Several clever tips. Last but not least, it was good to have to report to someone, i.e. actions were taken;-)"

Entrepreneur, Sweden

"Eight years ago I had a personal review of my PersonProfile à la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests since then, but I find this 'method' the most fascinating and accurate. The PersonProfile is still up at my workplace"

IT Manager, Sweden (2018-04-19)

"As a consultant, I have done a number of personality tests. The results made me feel validated, but I didn't get an answer: Why I still didn't feel 100% comfortable? Last autumn I took the HumanGuide test, which only took me 15 minutes to complete. It explained to me where I am most motivated and therefore most likely to be at my best."

Nuclear Engineer, Sweden (2018-03-27)

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