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HumanGuide The Book "Let the Personality Bloom"

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As a support for personal development based on the HumanGuide-concepts, there is the book "Let the Personality Bloom". The book is today available in the following languages

  • Swedish
  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Both the English and Swedish edition of the book is now also available as an eBook – available on (Kindle). All editions can be bought via except the Brazilian, which can be bought via

An extract of the book is available under "Downloading & the HumanGuide-concepts".


The book's main tread is to do your StrengthStrategy and decide your three Powergoals based on the personality theory Eight Boxes. Moreover, there are supportive chapters about personal development, positive thinking, coaching, etc. The book covers briefly many different areas and has a lot of personal examples.


“The book is useful in the daily aspects of professional and personal life. The concepts are simple but have a profound impact. The book surely is a reference guide, which I use on a daily basis.”

 SP,  Sr. HR Business Professional, USA

”I was recommended the book and was hooked. I have learnt more than I so far have learnt in my 26 years of life! Your book touched me. It gave me new perspectives, a new tolerance level. It has been of great help for me."

LS, Pharmacist, Sweden

“Unbelievable good book. I suppose the best I have read. What has impressed me a lot that you have got all so concentrated, i.e. no buzz or unnecessary information. Only "fact-knowledge" clear as a bell, which you can use immediately. I have already had great use of the knowledge both in my private life and at work. Sometimes I am using the book as a "dictionary". I am 32 years old, so I feel a little that I have got a life experience and knowledge, which I do not yet have. I have learnt more about myself and other people, but as you write in the book: You have to continue with your development all the time."

JB, Engineer, Sweden

”I have read the book once and then two more times. I have also lent it to friends, because it is worthwhile reading. The book has given me deeper understanding that people are different, why they are different and how they express themselves. I apply the book's messages in all my relations. Foremost it has helped me in my relation with my boss and my life partner. I notice that I have got a deeper understanding of myself and how I behave. I have now keys and tools to act in alternative ways, which has enriched my life!"

CK, Teacher, Sweden

In the book Let the Personality Bloom Rolf Kenmo categorizes our qualities in what he calls "Eight Boxes" personality theory. With help of these eight boxes we can plot in our personality in order to coach ourselves and other people. Our different qualities have both a front and a back side. The back side is not negative. It shows instead a development potential. The author shows also how different qualities cooperate or collide. Moreover, Kenmo uses his own life as an example. Let the Personality Bloom brings also up topics as mental training, stress and positive thinking. He inspires the reader to do a StrehgthStrategy and decide your Powergoals. Kenmo is thorough in his writing and what he shares. He also uses a metaphorical language, which gives new perspectives on the theme Know thyself.

Ylva Florman, BTJ Bibliotekstjänst (Library service), BTJ-info 17, 2009, , Sweden

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