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There are today two public apps in the HumanGuide concepts. Both are web apps, i.e. it is only an address that you go to on the internet. This means that a computer can also use the app, i.e. not only smartphones and tablets. The apps are adapting to whatever gadget comes on an unexpected visit... The apps as such  are free of charge. They are a part of our service;-) We have also the app, which supports our authorised users.

The apps are

– Your HumanGuide - the web address is

– HumanGuide Cards - the web address is

The web app

The app is as a support for everyone, who has done a PersonProfile with the HumanGuide concepts. With the app you can look at your AppProfile in a simplified version (look above). Moreover, you can make an agreement with someone else in order to be able to look at each other's profiles and you can then also analyse your person chemistry.

The app works also as a "mobile storehouse" for brief knowledge, i.e. where you can search for different kind of information about the personality theory, which is the foundation of HumanGuide concepts, namely information about

  • The eight factors in the theory
  • ”Chemistry” among the eight factors e.g. person chemistry, i.e. what happens then if someone has a lot of the factor Power and meets someone with a lot of the factor Sensibility? Besides person chemistry, information is shown about method chemistry, i.e. what methods you prefer based on the own personality. Then this also works in the same way concerning job chemistry and culture chemistry
  • "Exaggeration", is when you exaggerate a strength (factor with a high value). For example, if you have a lot of the factor Power, then you sometimes can put too much in your "pipeline"
  • What it would mean, if you e.g. you add to your team someone with a certain factor as a strength, whereas the team have very few strengths
  • What should you do, when you know the other person's strongest factor, in order to show that you like the other person? – This is relevant both at work and in the private life
  • How to communicate with different types of personalities?

This app you reach via the address It is not downloaded. It is available directly and free of charge. When you do your PersonProfile, then you are automatically registered as a new user. As a step in the registration you will get an email with data in order to log in to the app. The app is bilingual (Swedish and English), but some menus and buttons are only in simple English.

More detailed information about this web app you will find below the tab “Free Knowledge” and the page “The HumanGuide concepts” – here…

The web app

The app is complementary to the deck of cards -- a part of HumanGuide Cards. The app has two basic functions

  • TeamPlay in order to improve cooperation in a team and to increase the participant's self-knowledge. Look at "HumanGuide - Cards"
  • Profile in order to do different kinds of HumanGuide-profiles. Look at "HumanGuide - Cards".

For these functions via the app you can register the cards, which you have got as a result from TeamPlay or Profile.

The app gives you also a brief knowledge about the personality theory "Eight boxes", which is the core of the HumanGuide concepts. It is the same knowledge as mentioned above in the section "Your HumanGuide".

You don't need to download the app, because it is a web app. It is available directly and without any cost. You only have to register yourself (if you already have a PersonProfile and in this way can log in to the app, then you can log in here in the same way). For the registration use your e-mail address and then choose a password. You need also to choose between Swedish or English. The app is bilingual, but some menus and buttons are in simple English;-) Note: When you have registered yourself, you then get an activation e-mail, which you must confirm before you can use the app. Note also that the activation e-mail is very often seen as SPAM, so you get it there, if you don't find it in your normal inbox.

A fact sheet over the HumanGuide Cards - look at "Downloading - the HumanGuide-concepts".


The overall result is that you get modern dynamic tools, which are available everywhere to you, if you have an internet connection. The difference compared with information on paper is that the app's information is always up-to-date, e.g. this means that improvements can be released more often. 

Prices for Cards

A deck of cards, which is the core of HumanGuide Cards, costs 90 € excl. the Value Added Tax (VAT) for professional use (companies and organizations). When you buy 2 or more, then the price is 65 € excl. VAT. The connected app is free of charge. NOTE: It is a web app, so you don't download it, you only go to the address

You can also do profiles, which, for example, describe the personality. Everyone who register themselves in the app can do one profile for free. Then a profile costs 30 € excluding VAT. However, the price has a rebate for students and the unemployed. For them the price is 10 € excluding VAT.

The web app

The app is used in order to look at a specific person's profiles in the profile database, e.g. when you

  • shall staff a task
  • prepare yourself for a meeting with the person
  • better understand why cooperation between some persons doesn't work so well? 

This app can only be used by authorized humanguides.

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