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For Private use

Here you have document for downloading. They support development of the private life based on use of the HumanGuide-concepts.

How can you show that you like e.g. your life partner?

If you know what factor according to the theory Eight boxes is the strongest, then you can read in this document what to do...

How can you care and develop the relation with your life partner? 

You can have a so-called Year Talk, i.e. yearly and constructive workout of your relation. The talk brings up what has been good during the last year and what has been difficult. Then you talk about the vision for the future and what you like to happen during the next year? This document is an  instruction...

NOTE! You can gain from this exercise, even if you are a Single.

Possibilities for development with HumanGuide Cards 

With HumanGuide Cards you can develop the relation with your life partner. Moreover, the relations in the family, friends, etc. You can also have support of Cards in order to get a suitable direction for jobs and education. Etc.

Couple therapy with support by the HumanGuide concepts

At first HumanGuide concepts was “exported” to Brazil 1999. Today (Mars 2022) it has been done more than 500,000 tests in Brazil with their IT-system (Portuguese). They started a blog 2021. Here you have an example from the blog – Couple therapy clinic

NOTE! Most of the articles are in Portuguese, but if you use the Chrome browser, then it can translate to many languages…

Possibilities with the web app

If you should use it, then you must have done a HumanGuide PersonProfile, then you can log in and get access to use the app’s main functions

  • Personality dictionary with advices
  • Your testresult, i.e. your PersonProfile
  • Others PersonProfiles by connecting the profiles to each other– person chemistry
  • Calculate Passionindex between your personality and a job, a culture or a person

Here you find more information here about the app...

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