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I have done the HumanGuide test...

What use can you have of the test result?

The core in the HumanGuide concepts is a personality test. The test gives a more nuanced result compared with many competing tests, but still simple to use… You can have great use of your test result! At first you will get a clearer opinion of your drives – your motivation. Where you have most motivation, you will have your best performance – it is your strengths. You will get a good answer on the question: What should I work with in order to be maximum motivated and therefore have my best performance? You will also get an answer on the question: What kind of personality do I have easiest to cooperate with and who can be risks for me?

You can now get access to the test result in many ways – with an increasing ambition level. There are three as below...

D Demosson 140116 AppProfile Pure se

1 – Your AppProfile (at the top) will be available, if you log in to the webapp Manual here. You only click on the button “My PersonProfile” on the app’s main menu. Then you can click on the factor buttons e.g. Power in order to get an explanation what it means as behaviour. The app is like a personality dictionary. With a smartphone you can have personality knowledge in your pocket... More about the app’s functions you find here on the website under the tab Products and Apps. E.g. there you can learn how you can get access to your network's PersonProfiles and calculate your Passionindex.

 NOTE! When you log in you have to use the same e-mail address, as you used, when you did the test.

 NOTE! If you don’t have got a log in to the webapp, then you can register yourself in the webapp and in this way get a log in to learn more about the personality theory and more information about the Cards-app - click here…

D Demosson 030801 MultiProfile Calc se

2 – Your MultiProfile (the profile in the middle) you can get by an authorised user of the HumanGuide concepts. It will show the same information as an  AppProfile, but also exactly what you have chosen in the test – no interpretations. Then it will give better explanations than the AppProfile. A MultiProfile can also be produced with an extra language (15 available) – no matter what language, you have used, when you did the test. 

D Demosson 140116 CoreProfile Pure se

3 – Your CoreProfile (in the bottom) can also be ordered by us. It is based on a personal meeting with you in about 45 min per phone or video. During the meeting is your testresult fine-tuned and deepened. The meeting is carried out by a HumanGuide-authorised consultant, who also can offer you coaching, if you like to get even more value from your test result.

On our website you can learn a lot of the HumanGuide concepts and also download many documents (PDF). Here is also presented our book, as a support for personal development ”Let the Personality Bloom” (available in also Swedish and Portuguese + eBooks). In Sweden e.g. via or eBook in English at amazon com.

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