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How to Be Authorized to Use the HumanGuide concept?

The authorization process differs based on where you like to use the HumanGuide concept and the circumstances. Today there are both external and internal users. The external users are mostly external consultants in Sweden and Brazil. The internal users are mostly multinational companies in Sweden, Brazil and Switzerland. The authorization process in Sweden is described below. However, the Swedish process is always the foundation, when we authorize a new user in a new country. Click on the Swedish flag on this page. Then you see the three ambition levels to be authorized, i.e. Basic, Cards, and Advanced. NOTE! To be authorized for Cards, you must be that for Basic and the same for Advanced.

In Brazil there is another design of the authorization process. Responsible is my two business partners, who run the company RH99 Sistemas Ltda. CEO is the entrepreneur Marco Sinicco and CTO the psychologist Giselle Welter (PhD). The core user must there be a psychologist. The user training differs also.

The English version of this website should be seen as the international version, so here the authorization process can only be described in a general way. If you come from another country than Sweden and Brazil and want to be authorized, then you are welcome to contact us so that we can propose an attractive process design for you.

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