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How to Be Authorized to Use the HumanGuide-concepts?

The authorization process differs based on where you like to use the HumanGuide concepts and the circumstances. Today there are both external and internal users. The external users are mostly external consultants in Sweden and Brazil. The internal users are mostly multinational companies in Sweden, Brazil and Switzerland. The authorization process in Sweden is described below. However, the Swedish process is always the foundation, when we authorize a new user in a new country.

In Brazil there is another design of the authorization process. The core user must be a psychologist. Also the user training also differs. 

The English version of this website should be seen as the international version, so here the authorization process can only be described in a general way. If you come from another country than Sweden and Brazil and want to be authorized, then you are welcome to contact us so that we can propose an attractive process design for you.

How then be authorized to use the HumanGuide® concepts – according to the Swedish process? The basic guidance is today mostly done via four personal video-meetings. They take around  one hour each plus homework between the meetings. If you like to do the training together with e.g. a colleague or more, then it is of course possible. Ask us for a proposal.

During the basic guidance you learn how you should fine-tune the test result in the format of a PersonProfile and then a so-called CoreProfile. The objective with a CoreProfile is that it should be a practical support in everyday life for those who have done the test. Support for answers of questions as

  • does this task/job fit my personality?
  • will I probably want to be in this culture?
  • what should I think of when cooperating with a particular person?

There are further supports such as 

  • the web apps and
  • The booklet ”HumanGuide improves at work and in life”
  • the book Let the Personality Bloom   
  • a lot of material is possible to download from the website andour account at Dropbox

According to our experiences a CoreProfile is more useful to understand in the long run than, if you get a profile report around 20 pages. With HumanGuide you get the documentation via the booklet "HumanGuide improves at work and in life” or via the book Let the Personality Bloom. In the booklet and the book you learn the whole theory, i.e. about all the eight factors. Moreover, there is further useful information e.g. in modern way with web apps…

Is it really enough with training during four one-hour personal video meetings plus homework in order to learn about using the HumanGuide concepts with sufficient high quality? Yes, because we have so much supportive documentation and also because we follow up newly authorized users and they get support, when needed.

We do also a suitability assessment of all who want to be authorized as a user, e.g. that you agree on our vision, values, test policy and similar.

Beyond the authorization to use the basic module, there are other modules, where you can learn how to use other concepts e.g.

  • team development
  • recruitment
  • coaching
  • etc.



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