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Vision & Values


Many people enjoy their jobs and have a good life. They reach also extraordinary results.


We help people to discover and go for their potential.

Our Trademark and Company Culture

If compared with a sailing ship, then the trademark is the sail that should attract the surrounding world. Then the body of the ship is the company culture, which should attract those who like to work with the HumanGuide concepts and in this way contribute to the customer's success.

The Core Values in our Trademark are

  • Simplicity: We like to simplify as much as possible with sufficient quality, so that it will be of meaningful use
  • Versatile: We strive always to design and apply the HumanGuide concept to be as versatile as possible
  • Sustainable: It is important for us to act, so it works well in the long run

The Core Values in our Company Culture are

  • Respect: It is important for us to understand people's different conditions and to have respect in focus all the time
  • Smart: We strive always to have smart methods and ways of working, because then we are very efficient, e.g. how we use time and other resources
  • Solid: It is important for us that the concepts and everything else we use are solid, because then it will give solid results that work over time, i.e. are sustainable

We like this proverb from Africa: If you want to go fast, then go alone. If you like to go far, then go in a group.

About simplicity... Sweden likes to profile themselves with Quality. However, that does also Switzerland and today also Japan. Not so good idea. Moreover, a lot of people abroad mix up Sweden with Switzerland, which is unbelievable for a Swede... However, more typically Swedish, in my opinion, is that we strive for Simplicity. We should instead change to Simplicity as characteristic for our culture. We have a tradition of simplicity. Think of all Swedish innovators, who have developed simple and very useful products e.g. the zipper, the cheese slicer, the adjustable spanner, the ball bearing, the "light-house", the pacemaker, etc. We have also the unique word Lagom (just right). Not too much, not too little - only Lagom. One more thing - we don't like hierarchies...

Nils Norberg, a Swede: To get a simple solution, it has to mature. Continuous improvement is the secret;-)



Freedom and Respect! There is nothing that motivates people more than freedom. However, Freedom must be balanced with Respect for other people and the society. Moreover, self-respect is important.


  • Goal: It is important to have the same opinion about the goal
  • Positive thinking: Being positive creates possibilities and increases the options for a better future
  • Objectivity: Search always for the facts. Humbleness and sensitivity support 
  • Cooperation: Changes work more quickly and more smoothly, if all stakeholders are involved. All involved not agreeing should not hinder a crucial change
  • Teamwork: It is useless in a team to discuss problem solving, if you don't have the same opinion about the objective
  • Motivation: Pay attention to people's drives in order to get everyone focused on the organization's goal
  • Problem solving: Simple and good solutions sustained for a long time need time to mature
  • Local adaptation: Strive to have as good as possible adaptation to the local conditions
  • Planning: It will never be as you plan. Planning increases the probability to come close to the goal. A plan should be based on an overall strategy. Plan only the nearest future in detail.
  • Purposefulness: Keep focus on the goal all the time


  • Communication: Talk and write briefly, concisely, and understandably
  • Documentation: Write down all that is important. Then you don't forget things; this yield well organized thoughts and reduces misunderstandings
  • Personal information: Personal information you generally don't give anyone
  • Person assessment: Always get your own opinion about every person based on your own observations
  • Economize with people's resources: Strive always to reduce psychological stresses before changes
  • Personal profiling: Let everyone in a group have outlets for their strengths, even if doing this has small negative side effects
  • Competence development: Walk your talk. Be generous with your own knowledge for others' development
  • Humour: Humour is a great resource for working with people 

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