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 Here you have lectures for downloading. They support development based on use of the HumanGuide-concepts.

There are also some presentations at Linkedin – both video and slides, here...

Are you happy with your life or can it be improved?

During your life you take many important decisions. Some are good and some bad. If you for example take a job, which you  after some time find you don’t like, then it isn’t always so easy to adjust. It can take long time and can be demanding to handle. The same, when you choose a lifepartner, who you discover isn’t a good company for you. Therefore, it is interesting for most people to avoid such mistakes. Is that possible? Yes, we offer the HumanGuide concepts, which can really reduce the risk of big and costly mistakes.

One example of a big mistake is a nuclear engineer, who did our personality test. She said: “I have done many personality tests, but the HumanGuide personality test was the first, when I understood why I disliked my job. I had a good wage, but…” The main reason was that she had a high value of the basic dimension (drive, there are eight), which we call Imagination (creativity). In a nuclear plant the focus of course is – discipline, routines, stability, security and similar. There is very little space for creativity. Now she is instead a happy entrepreneur;-)

You can download below a lecture about our basic method for a good life based on the personality. The core of the idea is that if you have a good match between your personality and the job, culture (company/organisation and country) plus key people, then you have a good foundation for a good life. We call it to have a high passionindex.

Download hereThere are many slides, but the most important slides to describe our method for a better life concerning – increasing your passionindex are only 24 slides.

Are you in a culture you like?

In the same way as person chemistry you can talk about job chemistry and culture chemistry. Below you can download a lecture about our perspective on culture chemistry (in Swedish). 

A lecture about Culture chemistry on March 9th during PVD 2012 at Uppsala University (in Swedish and many slides, 102). It is presented here, because it gives a rather thorough view of the possibilities with the HumanGuide concepts.

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