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Services in five areas...

Our services support development for Team, Leader, Individual, Company/Organization and Private life.

All services are based on a simplified version of Leopold Szondi's (1893 – 1986) personality theory. The theory consisting of 8 factors and its structure is easy to use in the working life and also in private life. The core of the HumanGuide®-concepts is a personality test, which in 2009 became the first approved internet-based personality test in Brazil (SATEPSI). The approval is based on a validation study of Giselle Welter with over 800 participants and with very good psychometric results. Rolf Kenmo started to develop the test in Sweden 1986. For more about versions of the test – look at  HumanGuide Profiles.

As a support for all services there is an IT-system, where all the completed tests (profiles) are saved. The profiles can then be printed and arranged in many ways.

The services will be presented as answers to the following questions and related to development of Team, Leader, Individual, Company/Organization and Private life:

  • When and how can you use the HumanGuide-concept?
  • What will the result be?
  • Testimonials? We will add gradually testimonials, who give their opinion about the result.

”The tests are simple and easy to use. The availability via the internet make them excellent. I have had great use of the concepts for recruitment, development of individuals and teams.”

Sven-Erik Ringström, VD WM-data IT Support AB (now CGI AB)

”Rolf Kenmo has adapted Szondi’s theory to everyday life. It is a great idea of conveying the theory to a broad use. That is an essential asset for making the test results immediately accepted and it works in any culture. We use HumanGuide in recruiting and team development for an internationally operating company.”

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Switzerland

”The theory is explained very pedagogically in the HumanGuide concepts and it is a good support for my clients (since 2002), in vocational guidance and in coaching. HumanGuide supports well in working life as well as in private life.”

Giselle Welter, psychologist, spec. in vocational guidance, HumanGuide, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

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