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Does your website build trust?

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Why is this important? Well, good collaboration requires trust. In fact, a Harvard study identifies what characterises the most profitable companies. Long-term relationships. Long-term relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners of various kinds.

In that study, it is stated that there are actually only two things you have to prioritise the most. What are they? Well, trust and commitment, i.e. showing with your commitment that you want to help others.

So how can you build trust and preferably quickly? Well, for example, by keeping your promises and acting according to similar values. However, there is a neglected area of linking personality to your brand. This means that the brand is in tune with the personality, because then you become predictable, which builds trust.

The brand and company culture

When a company is founded, the brand is of course characterised by the founder(s), but not everyone thinks that the website, for example, should be in line with the brand. It may instead be influenced by current fashion, the web consultant, etc. But how do you specify how the website should be designed and with what content? One way is to come up with three value words, for example. If there are several, there is a risk that there will be no distinctive profile. The value words can then provide a good foundation based on the personality of the founder(s), as it is usually very stable over time. It is usually said that the truth is easiest to remember, i.e. it is of course easiest to be yourself.

This is where you can benefit from the HumanGuide concepts with the eight basic dimensions of the test. You can read more about the concepts and their application in the Free Knowledge tab. You can also read on the home page about how you can raise the PassionIndex, i.e. that a good match between your personality and the job and culture creates a high PassionIndex. Then you are committed to what you do!

We as an example

Do I live as I learn? Look at the website and judge for yourself whether you feel it is in line with our three values: Simplicity, Versatile, Solid? These are our brand values. I also have values for the corporate culture: Respect, Smart, Sustainable.

So how does the brand relate to the company culture? The easiest way is to use an analogy - that they are two sides of the same coin. The external and the internal. Branding expert "Dr Stolt" - Ulf Bergman has an even more concrete analogy: Think of it as a sailboat. You should strive to have a nice sailboat, i.e. a nice and attractive sail and a solid hull, so that you can use the sailboat in a good way.

How does this relate to my - the founder's - personality? The values are based on the strengths of my personality, i.e. the dimensions: Imagination, Structure, Quality and Power. With that ranking. Then the connection is like this
- Simplicity, Versatile and Smart are based on all the strengths: i.e. Imagination, Structure, Quality and Power.
- Solid and Sustainable on the strengths of Structure and Quality
- Respect is mainly based on Quality

Do we live as we learn?

Evaluating oneself is of course not as good as when others evaluate... I will concretise with some examples...

Simplicity, Versatile and Smart can be verified with HumanGuide Cards, which consists of a deck of cards and the associated web app The card deck is the personality test in card deck format. Cards can be used to
- Improve collaboration in a team
- Specify the personality requirements for a job
- Describe a person, job and brand or company culture
- Etc.

Solid and Sustainable can be exemplified by our client since 2003 - u-blox AG in Switzerland, who has been using the HumanGuide test since they were a startup. Now (May 2023) they have over 1,600 employees in 28 locations globally. Last year, they increased their turnover to over CHF 600 million and have conducted 4,290 tests since their inception, which have mainly been used for personal assessment for recruitment and staffing. The company develops and sells GPS chips and the like.

Respect is reasonably credible, having worked with psychologist Giselle Welter (PhD) at RH99 in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 1999 without any destructive conflict. Of course, we have differences of opinion from time to time, but we deal with them constructively. In addition, over the years we have benefited greatly from knowing each other's PersonProfiles á la HumanGuide.

What are other’s opinion? For example, customers and partners sometimes exclaim: How smart;-) Especially when I have been disruptive....

Finally, many people choose fancy and impersonal pictures, i.e. they themselves are not in the pictures but they come from image banks of various kinds. Instead, I believe in being authentic... Not perfect images. Good enough and authentic creates more trust, I think...

I repeat the question - Does your website build trust?

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