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The hope's importance for people's life

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But if you are depressed, what do you do? Try hard to get hope. Make sure you are rested. Do what you enjoy. Meet inspiring people. Do things that you know others appreciate... And the like...

Imagine getting a bicycle for the first time in your life with the goal of getting to Borås. Why? If you live in New Delhi, it becomes a real challenge. Right? Yesterday I went and listened to a lecture. Then I found out that it was the love for a Swedish woman, which was the driving force... The man came from the indigenous peoples of India, which made him casteless (untouchable). His full name was Jagat Ananda Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia. He is usually called Pikej for the sake of simplicity... To get to Borås, Pikej did not have an easy starting point... It was even the case that Pikej tried to take his own life several times, but failed for various reasons.

But why exactly to Borås in Sweden? Well, when he was born he was given a horoscope. It later turned out that it suited Lotta from Borås. He met her in New Delhi, when he made a partial living as a portrait painter. After an amazing chain of events, they became a couple. But then Lotta needed to go home to Sweden and then...

To me, this story shows that faith can move mountains. Unfortunately, there are many who are driven in their lives by avoiding anxiety. They have more or less strong doomsday prophecies, which guide their path towards the future. When I learned about the benefits of Positive Thinking, I learned about the danger of doomsday prophecies becoming self-fulfilling. But, I thought, if you turn the tables, i.e. instead choose a POSITIVE VISION and that it then becomes self-fulfilling... That would be really smart! Said and done. I started testing and mostly it worked. It's just that miracles take longer;-) Or another way to put it: A vision without a plan remains a dream.

You can also see a vision, as a way of gaining hope. There is always something to hope for in the future. There is an interesting incident here... There was a racer in the US, who was involved in an accident. He got an awl, which penetrated right through his frontal lobe. However, the rally managed to survive. He then got a special handicap: He lost hope, i.e. he destroyed his future memory - he couldn't think about the future, so he became depressed...

What is your vision? If you want help to come up with and manage your vision, you can benefit greatly from the book Powergoals, written by the Swedish consultant Christina Skytt. It's her first book and it became a bestseller in the US!

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